Become an Istanbul Maxim Escort

We are delighted that you have shown an interest in becoming an Istanbul Maxim Escort! By using this form to upload your details, you are confirming that:

  • You are legally able to work in Turkey or whatever country you are based in
  • You are of legal age to work in that country
  • You are self-employed and that you are responsible for your own tax and government payments

Please fill out all the information required before submitting your application, as any applications that lack the required details will not be successful. We require a name, email address, phone number and location for contact purposes, as well as your nationality and known languages for the profile. Any information you can give us regarding past experience will be useful, and try to be as truthful as possible in your description. Here at Istanbul Maxim we advertise a wide variety of escorts from many different walks of life, so provided that you show us that you are dedicated, eager and eligible to work then you will be in the running to become the newest Istanbul Maxim escort.

We ask that you upload at least two photos for your profile that are clear and accurate representations of you. Ideally your photos should be as varied as possible and look professional. We understand that in the modern age many companies and brands use picture editing software to enhance photographs for their advertisements, and that escorts will often enhance their photographs in a similar manner. However, we will not accept photographs (and by extension, applications) that have been excessively, unneccessarily, or obviously edited. Similarly, we accept (and actively encourage) selfie photographs for our profiles, provided that they are accurate depictions of you and do not have excessive filters.


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